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Laser Marker

NSIGNUM 4000 Laser

Serio 4000 is a economical inline system with a closed-loop printer head,iQUESS,stencil underside claening and the EKRA Vision Alignment System EVA?.

Serio 4000 Volume is desing for high-volume/high-mix applications.Volume is based on the 4000,but also has an additonal print-nest vacuum system,paste hight monitoring,automatic screen feed and can achieve higher cycle times.

Alignment repeatability :± 12,5 μm @ 6 Sigma
EVA? :– EKRA Vision Alignment System
Cycle time: 11/9 s + print
Print format: up to 610 x 510 mm
Suitable for stencils: up to 29 inch
Program changeover: < 2 min
Simple operation thanks to SIMPLEX user interface


The ASYS inline Lasermarking system, INSIGNUM 4000 Laser,is used for direct laser marking of solder resist on PCBs. The laser assembly is mounted above the transport system on a
servo-driven X/Y axis. The PCB to be marked is taken over onto the transport system, fixed in position with an integrated side clamp and moved into the target area for lasering. The laser now moves to a pre-programmed position and marks the predefined
content, such as barcode, datamatrix codes, plain text or logos onto the product. The code content is verified with an integrated 1D/2D scanner and saved. An optional CCD-camera with a frame-grabber for fiducial recognition and additional software can be used for position correction.

Panel length:???????? 70 to 460 mm
Panel width:????????? 50 to 460 mm
Panel thickness:????? 0.8 to 4.0 mm
Panel weight:???????? Up to 3 kg
Component height:???? Up to 40 mm
Coating:????????????? Solder Resist (other coatings upon request)
L x W x H:??????????? 830 x 1550 x 1480 mm
Max laser window:???? 105 x 105 mm
Codes:??????????????? Data Matrix ECC200 (Cellsize ≥ 0.127 mm ≥ 5 mil),Code 39, Code 128,2/5Interleaved
Repeatability:??????? ± 0.15 mm
Noise Level:????????? < 75 dB