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Kaufman & Robinson (KRI?) is a privately-held corporation located in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.They are a full-scale manufacturer of commercial ion, plasma sources and power supply controllers. Our products are installed throughout the world with high-tech industrialists, vacuum system OEMs and research institutions. Our core activities include basic research, product development, integrated manufacturing and applications support.In 2011, KRI? moved into its new modern factory where in-house manufacturing operations such as materials fabrication, component assembly, and product qualification have enabled us to provide timely technological solutions to our marketplace’s changing demands. KRI is committed to elevate its product technology to new levels of process tools. Rich in scientific talent, KRI? continues to invent the next generation products. Since the introduction of the Kaufman source, Kaufman & Robinson has produced numerous broad beam designs. These advanced designs encompass gridded, gridless source technology and switched-mode power supplies. The innovations incorporated into these products have propelled better performance standards, uptime reliability and novel material processes. Our technical originality has been reinforced by the significant number of patents awarded to Kaufman and Robinson. In addition, KRI?’s knowledge of ion beam technology, processes and applications has been shared with the process community. The KRI? staff has authored over 100 articles, publications, books, and technical papers which are available to the marketplace.




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KRI? EH1000F Sidewinder


The compact low profi le eH series of broad beam ion sources are available in different sizes which covers both R&D and high yield production requirements. Large ion beam currents meet critical arrival ratios for high deposition rate processes. Low energy ions minimize ion bombardment damage to surfaces and interfaces. The broad divergent beam improves throughput by uniformly covering a wide deposition zone.