Cascade Microtech

Cascade Microtech is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced wafer probing solutions for the electrical measurement and test of semiconductor integrated circuits and chips. Our customers use these solutions to perform testing of chips while in wafer form, or wafer probing, in both engineering and production test environments. Our engineering probe stations and analytical probes are used in research and development to perform precise electrical measurements, or electrical metrology, on increasingly complex and high-speed chips in order to assure quality and reliability, reduce costly redesigns, accelerate time-to-market and improve chip fabrication processes. Our production probe cards reduce manufacturing costs of complex and high-speed chips by identifying defective chips early in the process and by testing multiple chips concurrently.





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Cascade Microtech

United States of America


MPS150 Manual Probe Station


Summit series semi-automated probe system

Very cost-effective and easy to use for measurements of 150mm wafers Supports a wide variety of applications such as I-V/C-V, RF, mm-Wave and sub-THz measurements.....

Allow to access the full range of your test instruments for wafers up to 200 mm. RF/Microwave, device characterization,  wafer-level reliability, e-test, modeling or yield enhancemen.....

RF/DC Power Probe


Calibration software & accessories Impedance Standard Substrates

Provide a complete on-wafer solution for over-temperature, low-contact resistance measurements of power seimconductors up to 60A and 3000V.....

(ISS) support all of your high-frequency probing applications ensuring greater accuracy and better repeatability in on-wafer calibration of vector network analyzers......