Janome Industrial Equipment

Building on precision technology cultivated through years of sewing machine development, we are forging ahead in the field of high function industrial equipment. Always on the cutting edge in manufacturing, we are devoted to offering the finest quality every step of the way from product development to after sales service. The production of a variety of industrial machinery, precision and stability are come first on the list in the world. In addition to the Japanese domestic, overseas USA, Germany, China and Taiwan with branch offices or factories.





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Janome Industrial Equipment



Desktop Robots and SCARA Robots, etc


Servo press

With different parts in the robot head, can realize the automatic locking screw, soldering, gluing the different functions

Because of the use of AC servo motor, precision ball screw and high precision pressure sensor, so it can achieve high accuracy (position and precision is ± 0.005mm) pressing and riveting process. And the pressing quality real-time monitoring.