Pfeiffer-Vacuum GmbH

Pfeiffer Vacuum – a name that stands for innovative solutions, high technology and dependable products, along with first-class service. For more than 120 years, we have been setting standards in vacuum technology with these attributes. One very special milestone was the invention of the turbopump at our Company more than 50 years ago. Thanks to our know-how, we continue to be the technology and world market leader in this field. To no small degree, this also manifests itself in our strong profitability. Our extensive line of solutions, products and services ranges from vacuum pumps, measurement and analysis equipment right through to complex vacuum systems






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Pfeiffer-Vacuum GmbH


Rotary Vane Pump


Diaphragm Pump

Various kinds of rotary vane pumps to fulfill different applications

Ideal for integration in increasingly small analytical systems and turbopumping stations. oil-free and absolutely dry vacuum creation along with the high operating safety of the pump.

Roots Pump


Turbo Molecular Pump

Ideally suited for applications in low and medium vacuum and are often used in the coating and semiconductor industry, chemical and process technology and research & development

Have established themselves globally as the technological standard, having acquired their name from their turbine cousins. High-speed rotors with up to 90,000 rpm generate the pressure conditions required for application. This allows a vacuum of up to 10-11 mbar to be generated in the high and ultra-high vacuum range.

Vacuum Gauge


Gas Analyzer

Offers three different lines of total pressure gauges.

- DigiLine: Total pressure vacuum gauge with digital signal output
- ActiveLine: Total pressure vacuum gauge with analog signal output
- ModuLine: Total pressure measurement in areas with ionizing radiation

PrismaPlus? (QMG 220) is a universally applicable mass spectrometer whose field axis technology ensures high sensitivity. It also features high efficiency and fast measurement speed. Displays not only the respective partial pressures but also monitors the total pressure.